This site is intended to provide a resource for information on the European Axis and neutral Air Forces of the Second World War. I hope to be able to dispel some of the commonly held myths about the Luftwaffe and the other Axis Air Forces. I do not intend to go into the technical details of the individual aircraft used unless it's the subject of an essay. As an aide to researchers I intend to annotate my sources for each item, but viewers should be aware that I'm working primarily from secondary sources and my command of German isn't the greatest. I've defined the Second World War era as the period 1939-1945, which excludes the Spanish Civil War and the Sino-Japanese War.

Ideally I'd like to list each unit by aircraft type, strength, and location for every day of the Second World War, as C.G. Jefford, Ray Sturtivant, Philip Moyes, and John Rawlings have done for the British, but I don't believe that such is possible because of the extensive destruction of documents.

Viewers unfamiliar with this topic are advised to investigate the pages covering abbreviations, definitions and organization and structure of these Air Forces before venturing further into the depths.

If anyone spots any errors, has any suggestions, or further information please feel free to e-mail me at Contributions are welcome, but please document your sources. Unless otherwise noted everything in this site is copyright by myself and reproduction is forbidden except for the images which remain the property of their creators.

Jason Long

PS Sturmvogel means stormbird and was the name of the ground attack version of the Me 262 jet fighter.